Many gummy or chewy sweets are made with pork gelatin, which obviously isn’t suitable for Muslim customers. Halal sweets are made with beef gelatin that has been certified as Halal-friendly. There are strict requirements for Halal meat and other products, and so for sweets to be Halal certified, they must only use gelatin from Halal sources.
Many people enjoy Halal sweets on a regular basis, and don’t notice the difference. There are several major brands who make Halal-friendly sweets, and unless you examine the ingredient list carefully, you’d never know that they were Halal.
We Have a huge variety of Halal sweets that are available for those with dietary restrictions. It’s mostly gummy sweets that fall foul of strict Halal rules, whereas many types of boiled sweets and chocolate don’t contain gelatin, so are Halal anyway.

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