Welcome to American Candy’s & Soda  (UK) Ltd! We are Proud to be one of the Well Known Retailer  of American food, groceries, candy, sweets, sodas and energy drinks here in the UK! Our vast product range,  and unbeatable prices make us the best in the UK! We sell a HUGE variety of American brands, from Hershey’s to Reese’s, Sour Patch to Twizzlers, Gatorade to Monster, M&M’s to Ruffles, the range is endless! We aim to bring the most authentic taste of America back to you in the UK & Europe, so you can experience a taste of the States, whether you’re new to American foods or are an expat looking for a taste of home. It’s like having your own online American supermarket! Can’t wait to get started? Find “American Shop” at the top of the page and away you go!

We also create our own unique American gift hampers, chock full of the most delectable American candy on offer. They make the most amazing gifts for family, friends and colleagues and are suitable for any occasion!

If you have any questions for us, please check out our extensive F.A.Q. section here: americansodas.co.uk/faq. If you have any queries we’ve not answered, get in touch via Facebook (@AmericanSoda1), send us an e-mail (support@americansodas.co.uk) or call us on +44-07424728238.