Looking for only the most moist and chewy fudge brownies, packed full of rich and creamy chocolate chips? Or perhaps you’re looking for a cookie with all the convenience of a chocolate bar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Try our range of American Brownies and Bars today. Our Mrs Freshley’s products are amongst America’s favourites.

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Mrs Freshley’s – Oreo Brownie – 3oz (85g)

Mrs Freshley’s have topped it off with a ton of Oreo biscuit and creme pieces. Grab one now and satisfy that unruly sweet tooth of yours.

Oreo Golden Single Serve 2.4oz (68g)

A new take on the iconic Oreo cookie. Crunchy golden cookie sandwiching a delicious creamy center – why not be adventurous and give it a try!

Oreo Mini Big Bag 3oz (85g)

The mini big bag features these tasty treats in bite size form but in a big bag making them a very desirable lunch box treat or snack that thousands of people enjoy every day.

Oreo Mini Snack Pack – 1oz (28g)

The Oreo Biscuit has been a favourite of the American’s since 1912 so it must be good! Who could resist the sweet cream filling  sandwiched between two light and crispy chocolate biscuits – delicious!