American Soda is still one of our most popular range of products. We stock all of your favourite American soda’s including Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, Pibb Xtra, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Hansens, Arizona, Shaq Soda and much more! If you’ve never tried American soda before you’re in for a treat! Be sure to add a few cans to your cart and enjoy them at home. We know you’ll be back for more!

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A&W Cream Soda – 2 Litre

This big 2-litre bottle of A&W Cream Soda is perfect for parties or for storing in your fridge so you can enjoy a refreshing glass anytime!

A&W Root Beer – 12-Pack (12 x12fl.oz (355ml))

This refreshing 12 pack of root beer has all the flavour and quality you associate with the A&W brand – a welcome addition at any occasion.

A&W Root Beer – 12fl.oz (355ml)

Children and adults love to indulge in frosty mugs of this American soft drink, especially combined with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream for a refreshing root beer float! Keep some of this US soda on hand for your summer barbecue!

AriZona White Blueberry Tea 20oz (591ml) Tall Boy Bottle

rizona beverages are made with premium brewed tea as the main ingredient, all ingredients are 100% natural and there are no artificial flavours or preservatives. Arizona is well known for the phrase "when you put good in, you get good out". Arizona White Blueberry Tea is the perfect mix of white tea and blueberries.

C&C Soda Black Cherry Bottle 710ml – Single

This sublime refresher fuses sweet, fruitful flavor with a tart, crisp finish. Lightly carbonated and delicious when chilled.

C&C Soda Blue Raspberry Bottle 710ml – Single

A cool, blue blend of tart and sweet, C&C Blue Raspberry takes on the uniquely popular flavor of blue raspberry candy. Delicious when chilled, it’s sure to please on a hot day—or any day.

C&C Soda Cotton Candy Bottle 710ml – Single

Indistinguishable from the fluffy, good stuff, C&C Cotton Candy tastes like a trip to the fair. It’s our most popular novelty flavor! Avoid the carnival lines and indulge in the nation’s favorite sweet, blue treat!

C&C Soda Grape Bottle 710ml – Single

Juicy, grape flavor with a smooth finish, C&C Grape is a welcome reminder of simple childhood days.

C&C Soda Peach Bottle 710ml 

Got a passion for peach? This Southern staple gets rave reviews from fruit fans who praise it as the best peach soda out there!

C&C Soda Red Candy Apple Bottle 710ml

All of the flavor, none of the stick. C&C’s Red Candy Apple is a carnival flavor that’s sugary sweet and entirely unique!

C&C Soda Root Beer Bottle 710ml 

An original 1950s Cone Top Flavor, C&C Root Beer is the ultimate base for your root beer float. Presented in a wood barrel-themed bottle, its creamy draft flavor is never bitter.

C&C Soda Strawberry Bottle 710ml – Single

Summery sweet flavor with a crisp finish, C&C Strawberry is perfect when iced, chilled—or paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.