Pasta and Noodles are at their height of popularity in the United States today. Whether you’re looking to whip up some rich and creamy Mac and Cheese, or just some instant noodles in a huge variety of unique and taste bud tantalising flavours, the Pasta and Noodles section is perfect for you. We’ve got a huge range of Kraft, Mac & Cheese, Maruchan and more.

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Rap Snacks Icon Ramen Noodles – Beef Prime Rib Ramen Noodles E-40 – 2.25oz (64g)

The noodles are the "go-to snack after you get home from the club" E-40 says! Try E-40's beef prime rib flavour noodles and see for yourself! To prepare, add boiling water to the line and cover for 3 minutes. Finally, stir and enjoy!

Rap Snacks Icon Ramen Noodles – Creamy Chicken Gumbo Ramen Master P – 2.25oz (64g)

The unique flavours of Creamy Chicken Gumbo take your taste buds straight south. Unlike any other chicken ramen, this is actually creamy and full of flavours, the best you've ever had. Creamy Chicken Gumbo features native Louisiana Master P. Rap Snacks Master P's Creamy Chicken Gumbo ramen noodles are packed with New Orleans flavour!