Mrs Freshley is the queen of cakes and all things sweet. With a wide variety of cakes and other baked goods, Mrs Freshleys is a well-known American brand who has a reputation for making some of the sweetest and most loved cakes in America.

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Mrs Freshley’s – Dreamies – 2.8oz (79g)

Mrs Freshley's Dreamies - These sweet and sticky little cakes are packed full of rich and delicious creme.Far better than your usual Twinkie!

Mrs Freshley’s Banana Pudding Cupcakes Twin Pack – 4oz (113g)

They’re made up of delicious, moist sponge cake with a sweet banana pudding centre. Perfect for snacking on the go, they’re wrapped in packs of two so they’re great for lunch boxes!

Mrs Freshley’s Powdered Mini Donuts 3oz (85g)

These donuts have been covered in a light and sweet powdered sugar coating that enhances their entirely delicious sugary sweet flavour. You'll find it hard to stop at one!

Mrs Freshley’s – Oreo Brownie – 3oz (85g)

Mrs Freshley’s have topped it off with a ton of Oreo biscuit and creme pieces. Grab one now and satisfy that unruly sweet tooth of yours.

Mrs Freshley’s Coconut Crunch Mini Donuts 3.4oz (96g)

Mrs Freshley’s have created this unique twist on them.. crunchy ones! Inside you’ll find the same sweet soft pastry as always, but on the outside you’ll find a crunchy Coconut & sugar coated exterior that may just be your new favourite variation on the classic donut.