Hot Tamales are the original hot and fierce cinnamon based candy that anyone who wants a strong kick of flavour will enjoy. These tiny red hard candy's will bring your taste buds to life with a delicious cinnamon taste experience you wont ever forget.

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Hot Tamales – Theatre Box – 5oz (141g)

Hot Tamales is a chewy, cinnamon flavored, oblong-shaped candy introduced in 1950. It is manufactured and marketed in the United States by Just Born, a family-owned, Pennsylvania-based candy company

Hot Tamales Candy Canes – 5.3oz (150g)

Hot Tamales Candy Canes are colourful and tasty individually wrapped fierce cinnamon flavour candy canes . Hot Tamales Candy Canes can spice up any holiday event this holiday season and are great to share with family and friends.

Hot Tamales Soft & Chewy Bites – 4oz (113g)

The sizzling cinnamon flavor from Hot Tamales now comes in a soft and chewy candy! Contains 113g. Bag of Hot Tamales Soft & Chewy Bites Gummies Candy