Chewy Lemonhead Fruit Mix is a mix of satisfying chews in five fruit flavors. The power of sour. Invented by Ferrara using the same cold-panned process as Red Hots, Lemonheads are a sour twist on a hot idea. Round and lemony-good, with a hard candy core inside a soft shell. ... Pucker up to real fruit flavor.

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Chewy Lemonhead – 0.8oz (23g)

The first bite will give you a sour lemon flavor that will make you pucker up, once you get bast that, you get a hard candy ball with more of a sweet flavor.

Chewy Lemonhead – Berry Awesome – 0.8oz (23g)

A chewy version of the iconic American Lemonheads these berry flavoured bites of delicious candy are sure to get those taste buds tingling!

Chewy Lemonhead Tropical – 0.8oz (23g)

Flavour combinations such as Kiwi-Strawberry, Peach-Mango, Cherry-Watermelon, Pink Lemonade-Lemonade, and Berry-Banana come together bringing loads of awesome fruity goodness.

Ferrara Pan Applehead Candy – 0.8oz (23g)

These tart apple hard candies are perfect for anyone that not only loves apple candy, but also a sour candy.

Ferrara Pan Cherryhead Candy 0.8oz (23g)

These cherry hard candies are perfect for anyone that not only loves cherry candy, but also a sour candy.
Imported from the USA.

Ferrara Pan GrapeHead Grape Candy 0.8oz (23g)

This iconic hard candy from America is sour on the outside, sweet on the inside and is bursting with flavour! A mouthwatering treat and perfect for sharing!